Make a quick getaway.

You’re out the door in 2 hours with Saber.

Whether you’re getting ready or already on the go, Saber’s super fast charge time won’t keep you waiting.

Charge Saber during your morning coffee.

You could begin charging other high capacity power banks before bed and still not have a full charge when you wake up.

Plug Saber in when the alarm goes off, then go about your morning routine. Saber will be ready when you are.

Charge Saber during a layover.

Saber is FCC-compliant and TSA-approved to take on the plane, making it the perfect carry-on power source for in-flight fun and productivity.

And when you have time between flights it’s usually more than enough time to top Saber off, for power that lasts till your next stop and then some.

The secret to super fast charging.

It’s all about the battery management system (BMS).

Saber’s proprietary BMS enables the safe transfer of maximum power to the battery cells inside at all phases of the charging process, which allows the proprietary charging circuit to take Saber from 0 to 100% in 2 hours flat.