Don’t panic if you drop it.

Saber is ultra drop and shockproof thanks to key design features like an external bumper, a double bend on the battery tabs to withstand multi-directional drop stress, and a floating battery/motherboard subassembly with PORON pad shock absorption.

And that’s just to name a few.

We drop-tested Saber again and again from multiple angles to expose every weakness, then made the necessary improvements to make it even stronger.

Drop other power banks once or twice and they’re done. Saber is made for real life.

Don’t cry over spilled anything.

Saber is dust and water-resistant (IP66 rated) so it won’t fry and die if it gets a little wet. And it can go places other power banks can’t, like the beach or camping.

Moisture and debris stay out because Saber doesn’t have vents with slots or holes like other power banks. Saber “breathes” through a watertight gore vent, which allows the pressure to change to prevent stress on the water seals.

More innovations include carefully designed weather doors and a strategic O-ring design for the main housing mates to provide extra layers of protection.

Portable power, finally lifeproof.

Work wherever.

You think outside the box. You work outside the office.

When you’re a digital nomad, the world is your workspace. And Saber is the only high capacity portable power source built tough enough for your can’t-be-tied-down lifestyle.

From your favorite café to a crowded subway to the lobby where you put the finishing touches on a presentation before a client meeting, Saber stands up to life on the go.

Play wherever.

Go ahead. Get lost.

Hike that trail. Climb that mountain. Camp till your heart’s content. Saber will keep your mobile devices powered up, no matter where you wander.

It’s built to weather the weather, unlike other power banks that are afraid of the outdoors.

Now you can stay connected, even when you’re getting away from it all.